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Drills and drill kits

C. I. Fall has a large assortment of drills and drill kits for most purposes, such as wooden drills and center drills. We have been around the industry for a long time and deliver high quality products at great prices. Find the drill you need and order easily and conveniently online.

The right drill for the right purpose

It facilitates the work of having the right drill at hand. We have therefore invested in a wide range, which makes it easy to find the drill you need. Above all, you should choose drill based on the material you want to drill in. If you are going to drill in wood, choose a drill bit if you are going to drill in metal and a concrete drill for drilling in masonry. The tips of these different drills differ, simply because it will be easier for you to drill in the different materials.

The drills also have different uses. Twist drills are perfect if you want to create a clean and precise hole in the material. Egg cup drills are an advantage for those who want to create egg cups in a simple and easy way. Center drills can be used for most soft materials and come in several different sizes. You will also find milling drills, frame drills and plug drills in our range. Do you need several drills with different dimensions ? Then we recommend one of our practical wooden drill kits.

Do you have questions about drills ?
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